Welcome to new content of Digitalnolan. I’ve with me a special guest for today’s interview.…
He is a well-known Digital Marketer , Online educator who’s one of the very helpful, and a person known for his humbleness.
He’s none other than Narendiranath . I won’t keep you waiting, so let’s start with the interview right away.

1.First of all, please share a bit about you , your digital marketing journey?

I am Narendiranath online educator teaching coding for kids. I have learned digital marketing from few famous mentors like MROC gopal Krishnan and Alpha marketer academy

I have used the marketing concepts and was able to scale my business.

2. What advice do you have for youngsters who want to be digital marketers?

My advice for young digital marketers is to find a niche very early and first start learning about it and writing about it everyday. These work will later will be very useful when they start a blog or content making. They need to get suggestions from digital marketing experts at the very early stage of their career.

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3. What have you learned about yourself since you became digital marketer?

I learned that I was making mistake that I was not focusing on a single niche instead I was working on multiple niche with no expertise. When I realized this my career got changed dramatically.

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4. How do you balance your work?

It is still little tough for me to balancing work. Still learning …

5.What is your dream project?

My dream project is want to create a digital marketing agency which will be helping new and young entrepreneurs business to grow at very affordable service cost.

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