On-page seo is the practice of optimizing webpage for search engines and people. Some of the On-page seo practices are optimizing keywords, backlinks, content, back links and URLs.

Why On-Page SEO Important for website/webpage?

When user searching a query using search engines , it will show some webpage links. When we look backside work of search engine , actually it not just gets query from user meanwhile it also checking a content & finds out for which keywords it was created. Now if it is relevant to the user query then it is displaying the webpages in search engine results page.

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Another one example is if I have a website means I am only going to control text, image, video contents in that website. If I am optimizing it properly, it will helps gain more visitors of my website because will suggest my webpage in the search engine results page. And so more profits in my business.

Let we see the practices.

Header Title Tags

Let we the the Header Title tags, they are h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 which are used in the contents for headings and sub headings.

When these headings are placed in the right place then it makes easier for the visitors to read your content. For example instead of writing a huge paragraph , split into small paragraph and add headings for tha The average length of title tag in the search engines will display first 50–60 characters in the search engine results page. What happens if the text exceeds . Moz saysI “If title tag exceeds the characters allowed on that SERP, an ellipsis “…” will appear where the title was cut off. While sticking to 50–60 characters is safe, never sacrifice quality for strict character counts. If you can’t get your title tag down to 60 characters without harming its readability, go longer (within reason).t small paragraph, it will help the user to easily understand your content.”

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 Title Tag

Actually Title Tag is a HTML tag . It helps to understand search engine outline about the content.

Some Tips  to write awesome title tag:

For example Checklist is a Title Tag Modifier . We can write this Title Tag Modifier as “The Complete Facebook Ads Checklist For 2021”

Best is a Title Tag Modifier . We can write this Title Tag Modifier as “Best seo plugin for wordpress”

Guide is a Title Tag Modifier . We can write this Title Tag Modifier as “SEO Starter Guide: The Basics”

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Meta Description

Meta Description is a meta tag which will be displayed in the search engine results page . And it will be shown below title and permalink in the search engine results page.

Search engines allowed length of meta descriptions is around 155 characters And so it is recommended to write meta descriptions between 135–150 characters in length.

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We have to write & use the keyword  properly in a post. And use a keyword only for one post because it is one of the best optimization technique. If we focus same keyword for different posts it will makes confusion to search engines. So properly use the keywords. Use long tail keywords as it is one of the small idea to improve visibility to users and search engines. Since normal keywords are hard to rank in search engines because already lot of websites targeted that keyword.

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Write SEO Content

Writing unique and valuable content is also one best on-page optimization technique. Just consider the below factors.

a.Add tips and examples in your content.

b. Add images, animated gifs, screenshot, videos in required places

c. Update the content whenever the related topic releases new things. For example wordpress updates.

d.   Create content based on user needs. For example. If a user is new to analytics , he will be checking how to install analytics . But the thing is when we add the title Install analytics in less than 5 minutes , then it has chance for more clicks . Because as a newbie he will want to look for things which can be done quickly and easily. So when he saw the 5 minutes he will have the feeling it has some easy method. This is called as search intent technically in search engine optimization.

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As an intro image you can use platforms like canva’s (or) snappa’s premade images (or) some other stock photo websites like pixabay or pexels. But it is highly recommended to add real screenshots  as it will helps the users to easily understand the concept. For some medium important  places, you can create similar structure to real screenshots. Yes it is more time consuming but engaging one. As an alternative make some some annotation & shapes in the screenshot tool.

You can also create image sitemaps and you can submit to the top search engine console.


a. Internal links:

An internal link is a link which goes from one page of the website to another page of the same website.

b. External links:

An internal link is a link which goes from one page of the website to another page of the different website. When we are using this option properly it will also boost traffic to your webpage.


Nowadays , top search engines using different versions in the URL and it differes from desktop version and mobile version. So just be sure you have keywords in the url not a must but recommended one.It is recommended to use hypens to separate the words. Try to use small letters in the url  and it is better than capital letters in terms of SEO.

d.Http and Https Protocol:

Nowadays it is almost compulsory to use https . in https , “s” stands for secure. Since it’s about security https has liitle bit more advantage over than https because visitors will feel security and they boldly enter your site . And so it is a needed one for on page seo factor.

That’s all friends about the article “On page seo” . Thank you.

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